1. New Animation I did for Processed Exhibit next thursday!! May 24th!!! Be there or be square!!

    This is a promotion video for an upcoming design exhibit called Processed. Visit website for details: http://mdcfit.com/processed/ Song: Damn Moroda- The Gate


  2. come to PROCESSED!! An AWESOME Design Exhibition held on May 24th!!! Click link for Details!!



  3. turning sausage into bananas


  4. turning hot dogs into ice cream

    by Daryl Paz


  5. Come to Processed!!!! May 24th 2014!

    Click here for more info: http://www.mdcfit.com/processed/

    Please what you think a process is!

    ex. (laughing #isaprocess)


  6. Promo video I did for Processed Exhibit! Reblog it, share it, post it, pin it,  tag it, tweet it, help us spread the word and come to the show!!! For more info please visit http://mdcfit.com/processed/!!!